Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Light Series 4

These are examples of different lightsources within their context. From top to bottom

Light Series 3

All of the fabrics in the library were duller due to the horrible fluorescent lighting and the cavernous aisleways. Tthe cool colors were much duller and the warm colors were similar to the residentital where they took on an orange hue.

Light Series 2

The interesting thing about the gallery spaces is their versatility. These two spaces were right next to each other, but they look and showcase the art in completely different ways. The classic gallery space is clean and simple with track lighting that highlights the artwork. There is no clutter, and nothing out of place, the whole room is serene and peaceful. The next tspace however is different, some of the walls were painted black, and there was an audio experience that made the whole room eerie. It was incredible to feel the different emotions from one room to the next and to realize how they were effected by light.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Light Series 3

At home under an incandescent bulb there is a dramatic difference between the other locations. The cool colors become much duller and murkier, while the warm colors pick up on the yellow of the light and become more orange.

Light Series 3

Retail: The lighting in the dressing room at Express was still a fluorescent bulb, but it had a slightly different light quality than that in the grocery store. The cool colors are still true, and the warm colors are pretty regular, but the contrast between the two is more similar than in the grocery store.

Light Series 3

Grocery Store: The HID lights in the grocery store left the fabrics appearing pretty true to their actual hues. The warmer fabrics were pretty normal, but the cooler colors were very vibrant and bright.